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Our partnering organizations and citizen Warm Em Up! campaigners deserve the credit. Thank you for your ongoing work and for joining us in our conversation about mental health.

Recipient Organization

The Kettle Society works with individuals who have been or are presently in psychiatric treatment in the community by providing a centre for socialization and assistance in coping with life skills, promoting an independent, low-key, softly directed program on a consistent and regular bases, not as a treatment facility but as a complimentary service to all other existing facilities, and providing housing services to individuals who have been or are presently in psychiatric treatment in the community.

Partners Over the Years

UBC’s Translational Psychiatric Genetics Group

The Translational Psychiatric Genetics Group is a UBC research group led by Dr. Jehannine Austin. Their research uses a clinical genetics perspective to help people with psychiatric illness & their families. Their research is supported by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), BC Mental Health and Addictions Services (BCMHAS), and the Canada Research Chairs Program.

Richardson GMP Vancouver

Richardson GMP is an independent, leading-edge wealth management firm that understands the importance of caring for the best interests of the communities where their personnel and clients live and work. Richardson GMP’s Vancouver office has been generously supporting Warm Em Up! since 2016. Their Investment Advisors, Management Team and employees across the country are actively involved in other community events, sponsorships and fundraising initiatives for charities like the United Way, local food banks and children’s support programs.

Buckets Ice Cream

Buckets Ice Cream is a small family-run ice cream shop that’s been stealing the hearts of Mt. Pleasant since 2017. They are the kind of friend that knows what to say and do all.the.time. They are a gathering place, an intimate community event platform and magicians of small batch liquid nitrogen ice cream wizardry. The Buckets family is passionate about showcasing local talent, fostering old-fashioned family connectedness and sharing knowledge like caregiver workshops. How cool. Warm Em Up! is proud and grateful for their partnership again this year. 


Special Recognition