The Warm Em Up! Campaign: How it works

(*Things will look a bit different for our physically-distanced 2021 campaign)

You’re the beat of our heart.

For more than a decade, you’ve just kept getting warmer. Our blooming network of Warmbassadors and corporate partners have come together with us in recent years to deliver over 8000 pairs of brand new adult socks + underwear to Vancouver’s Kettle Society members. Whew.  Because of you guys, Warm Em Up! was again invited back for another huge round of brand new socks + undies at The Kettle Society. At this point, we think it’s fair to say we’re in a relationship.

Like always, all participating volunteer Warmbassador Leads (is that you?), organizations and corporate partners undertake an internal sock + underwear + money drive. Individuals do the drive amongst their network(s) in whatever way they see fit. Based on your feedback, we accept cash and e-transfers, and secure credit card donations are also available here on our site. Life gets busy. We’re happy to do the shopping for you. In 2021, we’re thrilled to offer tax receipts for any donation amount via a custom giving site partnership with The Kettle Society. The campaign will run until end of March 2021.

Warm Em Up! 2021 looks different, and needs are significant due to supportive service reductions. 

We’re going V I R T U A L, and invite you to join us as Warmbassadors. Virtual campaign support is where it’s at this year, but this how things usually look…

  • We provide the email and poster templates. You’ll be asked to enter your “collection bin” location information and the contact details for your campaign lead (that might be you!)
  • A large cardboard box or storage container usually does the trick as a collection bin—you’re welcome to decorate! Out of respect for our recipients, we ask that only new socks + underwear are collected. You may need to gently remind your network of this along the way…
  • Your coworkers often prefer to save time and have us do the shopping. You can collect cash, or direct your network to donate online by Interac E-transfer to [email protected] or visit our DONATE tab to access our secure giving page should a tax receipt be desired.  
  • You send out the motivating emails, prompts, texts, etc. to collect these items. We’ll ask for updates along the way so we can cheer you on and share your success with our supporters
  • Your loot of socks + underwear + cash need to get to Warm Em Up! headquarters. Contact [email protected] to arrange your delivery. If you’re unable to drop off we have volunteers who can pick-up. Just let us know, and we’ll make it happen. 

Campaign Materials
Sample campaign posters are below! Download away and edit if you’re eager to launch. Contact [email protected] for your materials.  

Below are examples of official callout and results materials for Warm Em Up! These help spread awareness of the campaign. If you have a great idea for a poster you’d like to use this year, hook it up – we just ask to see it beforehand…ya know.

If you would like to learn more about the Warm Em Up! campaign, please leave a message so that we can keep you up to date!

  • 2016 Collection Poster (Link)
  • 2016 Call Out Poster (Link)

Direct Cash Donations 

We accept e-transfers! If you’d like to donate from the comfort of your computer, you can send us an e-transfer to: [email protected] c/o Andrea Ringrose. Online payments in other methods are very welcome too. Please visit the DONATE tab here on our website. 

2017 Results Newsletter