Getting the basics to our fellow Vancouverites.

      Brand new socks + undies for adults living with serious mental illness.

T H A N K  Y O U  2 0 2 3  D O N O R S!

Together, we delivered on over 4 0 0 0 pairs of #thebasicsformentalhealth. 



Warm Em Up! 2023 was again dedicated to safely collecting and delivering on our promise of

new socks + underwear + love.

In partnership, we showed folks at The Kettle Society and Recovery Cafe how much we care. 


 This coming together ends up being about much more than these undergarments –

together we’re weaving a stronger social fabric.

Tax receipts for your generosity available thanks to our wonderful friends at The Kettle Society. 



We have hand-delivered 16,500+ brand new pairs of adult socks + underwear over the years. You organize item drives as Warmbassadors, visit our participating drop off locations with your thoughtful selections, arrange drop offs with us despite inclement weather, and donate generously so we can do the shopping for you.

For everyone’s safety, we went entirely virtual in 2021.

We’ve been doing ALL the shopping for you, but it’s time to get back to our roots.

 We bet some of you already have some awesome new basics for us! If you already have brand new socks + undies to get to us for this coming year’s campaign, please email [email protected] to arrange pick up or delivery.

See some of the highlights on Instagram @warmemup


Warm Em Up! started out of the trunk of a car in 2006 as an initiative to help empower fellow Vancouverites living with serious mental illnesses.

Individuals were communicating very simple and specific needs going unmet. Everyone deserves to know they’re heard. And so it began.




Learn more about the history of Warm Em Up! and the reason why this campaign is important: Background



The details about Warm Em Up! can be found here. Learn more about our campaign: Campaign



Warm Em Up! is successful in large part to the numerous partners and individuals that have contributed to the campaign.

Learn more about our partners and the contacts that are helping build mental health awareness within their local communities: Partners

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We would love to hear from you. If you have any questions about the campaign, or about sponsorship opportunities, please contact us below.

If you have any general comments or would like to share your personal story, you may also use the form to send us some information, so that we can connect and spread awareness about mental health.